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My story

My husband and I have always been known as the potberrys! The combination of my name; potter and his name; carberry, seemed a great idea for my ceramics business.

I throw on the wheel and hand finish each piece. It is really important to me that every piece has it's own character and uniqueness so they are all different. That way you can pick some pottery that speaks to you and have something truly unique. 

The special thing about pottery and the reason I have fallen in love with it, is this...when you are throwing you have to completely focus and zone in on the clay. Leaving behind the busy and chaotic thoughts of the rest of the day. Can it be frustrating at times...yes! But when it goes wrong, you can just throw it in water and reuse it. Nothing is wasted.

The making process is really important to me and I am very excited to bring you directly into how your pieces are made. You will see lots of videos from me on all the processes that go into making one piece and for pottery....there are a lot!

I studied design at Goldsmiths College London and graduated in 2006. I won a prize at New Designers that same year and exhibited at the London Design Festival. Like many people I then fell into a career in media and tech. After 15 years, in 2020 I decided to go back to my original passion and retrained as a potter and ceramic artist. I am self taught and work in my home studio in Buckinghamshire.